EUR/USD: While The Euro Is Resilient, The Dollar May Have More Room To Run

The euro currently holds the level of $1.07, while the dollar is looking for new catalysts that would allow it to move higher.

As expected, yesterday did not give any major surprises, the exchange rate remained in a narrow range around 1.07 in an environment with a poor agenda.

The overall picture on the market remains unchanged, investors are focused on the prospects of a rate cut by the Federal Reserve

Fed and the European Central Bank, while in the past few days, political developments in Europe, especially in France after the last European elections, have come into the spotlight.

Currently, the atmosphere is calm, and the probability of a collapse of the euro is low, although the political thermometer in France is quite warm.

But the interest rate differential in favor of the dollar remains, which could give the dollar room to move higher.

Today’s agenda is very interesting, the ZEW Institute’s research on the German economy, US retail sales and a large number of statements from Fed officials are eye-catching.

The exchange rate remains very heavy, and the fluctuations in recent months have not exceeded 300 basis points, which is not a coincidence, because it does not look easy for the euro to break through key levels and go well above the 1,10 level, or, on the other hand, break through last year’s lows around 1,0450.

My thoughts have not changed, I still stick to the strategy mentioned in previous articles.

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