AUD/NZD: Remaining Lower, Testing Below 1.0770

AUD/NZD saw mixed action on Wednesday, falling from recent highs just below 1.0830 to recent lows around 1.0770, before briefly testing 1.0760 early Thursday morning.

AUD/NZD pulled back sharply from its 2022 high of 1.1490, falling nearly 9% to its December 2022 low of 1.0470. Since then, AUD/NZD has fallen into a long-term consolidation, hovering near the 1.0800 mark, with the 200-day simple moving average in a volatile range.

Intraday action suggests AUD/NZD will fall to lows around the 200 hourly EMA around 1.0790 and rebound from the previous swing low around 1.0750, with near-term top technical resistance at the 2024 early swing high at 1.0830.

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